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Opening in Italy
Summer 2024






american football


High School


Italian & American High School Programs
American High School accredited program

NCAA Sanctioned American High School 

Student-athletes at The Sporting Institute will attend an NCAA Sanctioned High School located on site. 

The school is a leader in academic excellence through international and U.S. accredited programs.

  • Our Head of School is on-site to constantly guide the SU student-athletes creating an optimal learning experience.
  • Small class sizes allow for individualized attention, to better meet the needs of each student.
  • School schedules are fully adapted to allow student-athletes to benefit from both Football/Soccer and academic programs.


  • SAT & ACT
  • TOEFL & DELF Italian & English language classes



NCAA approved

College & University Dual Pathway Program

The Sporting Institute has established multiple partnerships with several US leading educational institutions that offer European and American recognized academic preparation.

High School Dual Pathway Program

  • High School Diploma
  • Bachelor’s Degrees
  • Master’s Degrees



  • On-site blended programs
  • Low student to staff  ratio
  • Individualized attention
  • Flexible and adapted schedules
  • On line Education programs available


Located in Torricella, 18 minutes from Mantova in Italy which is located between Bologna and Verona.

Mantua is a city surrounded by 3 artificial lakes in the northern Italian region of Lombardy. It’s known for the architectural legacy of the Renaissance Gonzaga rulers, who built the Ducal Palace. This imposing building houses the Bridal Chamber, decorated with Andrea Mantegna frescoes. The Gonzaga’s also built the Te Palace, known for the Chamber of the Giants, where every surface is painted with mythological scenes


Exploring Mantua

Mantua is a peaceful, friendly city, famous for its wealth of artistic heritage left by the Gonzagas. Writers and poets have praised its beauty and even Virgil wrote about it in his Aeneid. Take in the city from the shores of its three lakes, discover Andrea Mantegna’s masterpieces on show in the Castle of Saint George


The Sporting Institute residencies

Ultra modern and sleek residencies are situated in this recently renovated 17th century Palace that was originally built by the ancient and very noble family of the Duchy of Mantua Alberigi Quaranta.

  • Fully equipped new residencies
  • Shared double rooms 
  • Professional laundry service
  • 24/7 security and surveillance
  • Housing supervisor
  • High-speed Wi-Fi property-wide
  • Air-conditioned spaces

Your health and safety are our priority

Located in one of the safest regions in Italy, the center is under 24/7 security and supervision. We also adhere to the strict and extensive health and safety measures to ensure our student-athletes well-being.

The Sporting Institute – Sports Performance Center & Sports Science Building 


  • State of the Art Sports Facility and Sports Science center on over 70 acres and 17th century former palace of Count Quartana  
  • Multiple professional regulation size natural and artificial turf fields with indoor facilities
  • Soccer/Football, Rugby, Cricket,Basketball and Tennis.
  • Top-of-the-line equipment with the latest technology for training the elite professional Athletes
  • Full gym: cardio, strength, recovery, and spa (hydrotherapy & balneotherapy) cryo, hot and cold contrasting baths etc.
  • Physical therapy, treatment and recover rooms
  • Video analysis rooms


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Choose Your Pathway

 All of our pathways run on a rolling admissions basis, and we are open to providing families with flexible program length options to best fit international school calendars and needs. Should you have a specific request, please contact our Head of School


2023 Fall Term August 22nd – December 1

2024 Spring Term January 8th – May 22nd



High School full board & tuition


Online and Blended College & University


What is included?

  • 10 months training with SU International Coaching staff 
  • 2 X training sessions per day 4-5 days per week.
  • Compete in the Italian official youth soccer system
  • 1 full academic year on-line school or university with on site tutors mentors
  • Room and board on site in our private residencies
  • Visa support
  • Player Progress Report on a monthly basis
  • SU Player Profile
  • SU representation & development plan (College recruiting, pro careers.

Post-graduation year available upon request

A Professional Career or a College Scholarship are the main reasons players choose Soccer Universities

Talented players who have the desire to join Soccer Universities Dual pathway Program are recruited and selected between either attending a SU Experience Day or through online interviews and a covering video highlight reel.

Thinking of Transferring out of college or university we offer a great solution for those athletes who want more playing time, development opportunities to be scouted. We have a program called the Bridge Program that might fit what you are looking for.


Professional Football

Many of our players’ goal is to earn a professional contract and for some that is the case however for those who do not make the grade you will still have an alternative pathway towards a college career with a possible scholarship in the US. Even though we are not a sanctioned NCAA soccer program we do still follow many of the protocols so that if the player chooses that pathway at a later stage in their career they will have their full college eligibility left.

main house & dependency


warehouse student residencies

sport science building